Wednesday, June 27, 2007

happy mother's day...a wee bit late.

stirring the alfredo sauce not so attractive one of me was HOT in there.
the finished product.

so for our mother's day gift, to mom, we all agreed to make a dinner. for mine, i made shrimp alfredo (i made the alfredo sauce too...i am no cheater.) and a weird little salad i made spur of the moment. i was told that the alfredo was good. the salad supposedly was a little funky. i'm not sure the dressing was a smart move. it was lemon juice, salt, pepper, and carmelized almonds. the almonds were great though. so anyways, mom felt that she should document the dinner, so here are the pictures.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Discovery of Divine Comedy

i found mormon ads that they change to make funny titles. this was one of them. origionally the mormonad talks about the divinity in each of us. if you can't read the picture, they changed it to say.... FACE IT: you'll never be prom queen.
i found it pretty amusing, hopefully everyone else will too.

I'm here now!