Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years!


Hope Christmas was good for everyone. We had a really great Christmas. We got to eat tamales and Guatemalan punche (which was reeeeeally good).

This week has been really good. We've been working on finding alot this week and have made some really great contacts.
We some really great experiences this week. A few weeks ago, we contacted the neighbor of a less active we'd been trying to find and gave him a Restoration pamphlet. We went back to follow up and met his wife and got to know her. She has several family members who are members and so is familiar with the church. We ended up speaking to her for quite a while about the church, and were getting to know her. I feel that one of the reasons we have kept coming back to this less active is so that we could meet them. 

Another great experience we had this week was that we were able to meet with a 60 year old less active who has been less active for several years. He says that he wants to come back to church. Unfortunately, we did not see him at church on Sunday though. He is a funny man. He was telling us a million and then some stories. I guess he used to be a performer in CA and supposedly performed with Elvis. He's super spiritual... despite the fact that there's some key doctrines he doesn't seem to quite understand. And he says that when he was younger, he used to meet with several celebrities (Ringo Star, Paul McCartney, Elvis, Pamela Anderson...) to give them counsel. Supposedly, he told Paul McCartney off and told him that he didn't know how to play the guitar! He was super interesting. I guess, when he was active, he was in charge of monthly performances that the church would do here. He says that he went less active because he got burned out, but he wants to go back. Well, that's why we came. We invited him to come back to the church. 

Anyways, this week was really great. I've focused alot on paying attention to the guidance of the Spirit and it's been really good. As long as I feel like I'm listening to Him and doing His will, then I'm ok with the work that's going on. 

Happy New Years!! The ward is putting on a New Years party tonight and we get to go for the first little bit. I'm excited. We're hoping to have some potential investigators there. Also, we get to go to the Rose Parade tomorrow!!!!! I'm soooooooo excited!! It'll be a good opportunity to do some street contacting too.

Love you all.

-Hermana LaPierre

Monday, December 24, 2012

feliz navidad

Hola familia!

Well, I figured I keep this e-mail short, otherwise, I won't have anything to talk about tomorrow!

This week has been really really good. I love working with Hna. Connelly. She's alot of fun to work with, is excited about the work, and is willing to work hard. The beginning of the week was especially really good. We were able to pick up a couple new investigators! On Monday night, literally ALL of our plans fell through, so we went to contact a less active, and she wasn't there, but we talked to her daughter, who's not a member. we talked to her for a while about the book of mormon, and set up an appointment to talk to come back. a former investigator supposedly lived in the same apartment complex, so we went to try to contact him. Well, he doesn't live there anymore apparently, but we talked to the woman who does live there. it was kind of an awkward door contact, but she let us in when we offered to share a christmas thought. We didn't end up really talking about Christmas much, but we started talking about the restoration. she was a stand offish at first, but we could tell that by the end, she had definately felt something. 

On wednesday, we went to contact the daughter of the less active, she didn't want to meet with us, but we ended up talking to her dad for a while, who is also not a member. he was a talker, so we were there for a while. It was good, he has a lot of questions, some spiritual and relevant, some not so much. I want to try to have a noche do hogar with the whole family this week because their kids are really nice and pretty receptive whenever we talk to them. I think getting them all in one room when we teach could be really powerful, and have a bigger impact. 

The bishop's daughter came back from a mission in Arizona this week, and so we've brought her to a few lessons. she's actually a friend of mine from school, she was in my ward my sophmore year. It's been really fun to bring her, I have learned alot from watching her teach. 

At the beginning of the transfer, we made a goal to have 3 baptisms this transfer and I still feel like it's a goal we can get. This week is super important though because in order for an investigator to be baptized in our mission, they have to come to church 3 times, so they'd have to be there this sunday, and every one following until the 13th- which means that we have to find 3 people that are really prepared this week and invite them to come on Sunday. I feel that we've been doing pretty good to make that happen and I'm excited for this week. We had a good week this past week and we can expand on what we did to make things start to happen here. I feel like I've grown alot this past week, especially where it's just been Hna. Connelly and I, because we've had to learn to rely on the Spirit more than experience, since we're both pretty new. I can definately notice the difference, I feel more purposeful than I have. 

Anyways, I said this letter would be short, I guess I lied. Talk to you tomorrow. I'll probably be skyping sometime around 2 or 2:30 our time, so like 5 or 5:30 your time. So keep the computer on!

Love you, 

Hermana LaPierre

Monday, December 17, 2012


hola familia, 

we just got back from Arcadia from dropping off Hna. Anderson (our 3rd companion). She is going home tomorrow. It was kind of like a flashback of 2 weeks when my trainer was getting ready to leave. So now it'll just be me and Hna. Connelly serving together. It's been really great to serve with Hna. Anderson for the past 2 weeks. She's been really helpful for me and made the work really fun. I think she was what I needed those 2 weeks.  I'm sad that she's leaving, but also really excited to keep working with Hna. Connelly. I love the people in Tujunga. They are really amazing and there is really alot of work that can be done here. I'm really excited to get to work and watch more miracles happen.  

This was a good week. On Friday we had a mission Christmas party. The whole mission went to Arcadia and we had a spiritual program first, then lunch, and then a funny talent show. it was good. They'd been holding packages for a few weeks and so we got our packages for Christmas (thank-you mom!). It was really fun. 

We had alot of less active lessons this week that were really good. We also visited a former investigator who said that she wants to learn more. I had taught her with Hna. Mulitalo my first transfer here and she just had a baby, so I'm excited to teach her. We haven't gotten in contact with many of the investigators that we usually see, but we're on it and we'll be visiting them this week. 

Yesterday, we did a musical number in church. Remember the song Starbright (Estrella de luz)? We sang it in Spanish (Hna. Anderson y yo). While we were practicing with the bishop's wife (she played the piano), she made Hna. Connelly get maracas and play to it. It was so funny to watch the members faces when the maracas started. They were totally mesmerized! It was alot of fun.

Also, we get to skype on Christmas!! When works for you? We should be able to skype sometime in the afternoon or evening. We have a dinner at 5, but so far, that's all that we have going on. Supposedly, I can have Hna. Connelly call you and confirm a time to as long as the call is like 1 minute long.

CONGRATULATIONS LISA!!!! I'm so excited for you! Do you know what gender it is yet?

Also, my guess for your mission call is: Peru Cuzco (I don't remember if anyone else guessed that. but if you do get called there, please watch emperor's new groove for me). 

Sorry, this e-mail is kinds of all over the place. The work is going well though. I am very excited for the next 4 weeks. This transfer is going to be really great. 

Love you, can't wait to hear from you in a week! 


Hna. LaPierre

Monday, December 10, 2012


Querida Familia,


Thank-you Lynnfield RS and family for my package!! My tree is up and decorated and it's BIG! It's awesome! It feels like Christmas now, at least in our room. I also loved the stockings. And the shower cap. And everything else. but the shower caps especially. I laughed when I saw those. 

This week has been good- a little crazy as we've been back and forth to/from Arcadia all week. On Monday, I dropped off Hna Mulitalo to the office on her way home and then pick up Hna Anderson who's our comp for another week until she leaves for home. Tuesday afternoon we picked up my trainee! Hna. Connelly is from Tennessee. She's cool, she's a really good missionary and is really excited to be put to work, which I love so we're working hard. It's kinds of interesting to be training already since I still don't feel like I've got it all down, so I don't always feel like I can really show her how it's done yet, but we're both learning and it's been good. It's been super humbling for me as well and I think I just need to trust that Heavenly Father will help us out to do what He needs in Tujunga right now. 

We're trying to work on finding more investigators this week. For alot of reasons. One reason being that we just want to increase our teaching pool so that we have more people to work with. Another being that as part of training, Hna. Connelly should be inviting someone to baptism this week, another because I have a TON of referrals/ people to visit from Hna. Mulitalo (people she'd taught/ met while she was in the area, she was here for 9 months, who she thought we should see after she left) and other referrals that we have to check up on. Also, I think we have a couple investigators that aren't really progressing, so we may have to stop teaching them soon, before they become eternal investigators. It's good to keep the work moving and changing because otherwise our effectiveness goes down really fast. 

And, I'll end with a funny story. We were contacting the neighbor of a less active and talked to him for a few minutes. mostly it was me and Hna. Anderson talking as it was in Spanish, but Hna. Connelly said a couple words. Anyways, we gave him a pass along card with our number so we could set up a return visit. When we were in the car afterwards, we talked about how we thought it went pretty well and someone noted that he really seemed to want to talk to us. He didn't want to shut the door on us. We thought he must have been touched by what we had said. Later on, while we were studying, we got a text from him and again, thought that he must really want to hear about the Gospel. Well, after a reply text, he asked "ustedes estan casadas?" (are you married?!). AWKWARD! we explained that we weren't and that we dedicate our time to the Lord. Well, he apparently thought that Hna Connelly was really pretty and wanted to go out with her. We politely shut him down and told him that if that was all he wanted, we had nothing else to say to us. i still can't believe that happened. It gave us a good laugh. 

Hope you're all doing really well. I love you and thank-you again for the package mom! I'll send a thank-you for the RS today. I loved the Christmas tree too! I'm going to try to attach a couple pictures of it. Thank-you all of you. I love you so much. 


Hna. Laree LaPierre

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Snail Mail address

2645 Altura Ave. La Crescenta, CA 91214. 
I was waiting until after transfer calls to send it just to make sure I'd still be here. I think we'll be moving out after Christmas. I hope you're all doing well today. I love you.
-Hermana LaPierre


Hello Family!
How is everyone doing?
The past week went well.

One of the most exciting moments of the week was our lesson with Dago, an investigator who's family is strong members of the church. We had been thinking of dropping him, but this lesson was really great with him. We discussed the doctrine of Christ and how those 5 principles are things that really do help us change, help us progress towards our Heavenly Father and guide us in this life. We wanted him to understand that he needs the Gospel to change, it is what we need to apply before Heavenly Father can allow us to live with our families forever. The lesson was powerful and the Spirit testified strongly to him. I know that he was touched by the Spirit and he left with a lot of things to think about. I'm excited for our next lesson with him.

We had another lesson with Imelda, an investigator of ours. She is progressing. We went to her house and she hadn't read the chapter we had given her, so we read with her. It was good. It is sometimes hard to determine where she is at spritually, but I think she is still progressing and has a desire to change and accept the Gospel.

Similarly, we had a lesson with Isis this week. She is also progessing, but slowly. She said for sure she'd be coming to church on Sunday, but then didn't end up showing up. I know she has some interest, but she hasn't seemed to quite grasp what we are teaching/ offering her. She is always very receptive to our message and doesn't ever seem to have any concerns about what we are teaching her, but doesn't seem like she's really taking it seriously either sometimes. We'll see what happens with her but I think she'll get there. I think it could also be that she grew up in a strong Christian background and so she says that alot of what we teach isn't really anything super new to her and it's all logical to her. So we keep working with her. She's coming.

Now, the moment I am sure you were all waiting for, right?! TRANSFER CALLS!
This week was the end of transfers, so I am officially done being trained! Hermana Mulitalo left this morning, aka she'll be at the office until she leaves tomorrow morning for home. I'm so grateful for her. I learned alot from and with her. I know she is who I needed to be with to learn what Heavenly Father wanted me to learn, so I could be prepared for the future...aka now.
I'm going to be staying in Tujunga, but will be training a new missionary. She comes in tomorrow so I'll get to meet her then. We'll be in a Trio for 2 weeks with another sister who leaves for home on the 18th. I'm excited. I know it'll be hard, but I know I have what I need to do it how He wants it done. It'll be a good opportunity to depend on the Lord more and to learn to recognize His direction more. I'll let you know how week one goes next week. I was a little sad to have to still have 4 hours of studying in the morning, but it'll be good.
Bring it on!
I love you all,
-Hna. LaPierre