Thursday, July 23, 2009

32 Days...Shopping

tonight i went shopping in an effort to find a cover for my swimsuit. why you may ask? so that i can successfully walk around in a bathing suit for most of the days next week and not feel uncomfortable. i'll be in new hampshire next week babysitting for a family there, a different one from the family i was babysitting for last time.
anyways, so seriously, i was lucky finding one for 20 bucks and then i found a cute bathing suit top (tank top that worries) for kind of cheap too.

why is this applicable to my going away in 32 days? because guess where i'll be using this babysitting money... BYU!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Pardon me for my lack of bloggings. I simply do it this way so that when i do blog, you can read these essays of posts!

I feel like alot has happened over these past few months, which maybe it has and maybe it hasn't, that's just what it seems like. My summer has consisted of going to Utah for Betsy's wedding, coming back, graduating, starting work, going to youth conference, and then getting everything underway for BYU.

There have also been many exciting things going on this summer. Namely: I finally turned 18, which means I am legally an adult and can now do exciting things like buy cigarettes and get tattoos, and live on the edge. All the things I would never do no matter my age. I can even vote and be on juries. woohoo! But, I can also do other things, to which it will only take me a small while to figure out what those exciting things may be i am sure. For now, I keep myself busy making money. My second very exciting thing about this summer despite the major change that comes to the end of it, is that I got my AP scores back this past week! And thanks to my English and Human Geography test, I have two classes I don't have to worry about next year! I was so excited! I attribute much of my Human Geography grade to the fact that there was a major essay on Mormons. I totally had that one owned.

So these are two of my exciting things happening this summer, but I will be sure to keep you much more up to date in the next month about my whereabouts. I was actually just thinking about doing a daily blog post about what thing I do that day in lieu of my very soon departure, but we'll see.

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