Sunday, August 19, 2007


as i was working on my girls camp quote book, i found this quote. i thought it was funny, not true, but funny nonetheless...

"Big sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life. "

Charles M. Schultz
1922-, American Cartoonist, Creator of ''Peanuts'' this is my life...

well, these past few weeks have definitely been an adventure. while mom and dad were gone, i continued to work, and get better at it, i worked on a quilt, and i still have just barely even touched my summer reading. not to mention that i took a lot of late nights and made up for them by unfortunately also having to deal with really really late nights. however, things are somewhat looking up. next week is girls camp! this is the one week that you are excited for, but usually not entirely until you are actually there. i'll be a jc (junior councellor, for those of you who don't know girls camp lingo). i have a group of 7 second years. i'm planning on making them little quote books and i've already started the process of making braclets...lets hope they have small wrists. i really don't think it'll be necessary to bring them too much because well, in my experience of girls camp, the jc's i looked up to and liked the most weren't necessarily the ones who brought the most stuff for us, they were the ones who spent the most time with us and who actually seemed excited to be there. that, i think, will be my tactic also i hope. oh, and by the way, the theme of the picture is bugs (beautiful unified grateful sisters) and that should explain the picture. i'm a little overwhelmed at the moment with all the many things i need to be doing.
okay, so while i'm excited about girls camp, the one thing i am so so so so so not looking forward to is jamie and renee going back to school. this summer has been so much fun with them here that i really don't know what to do with myself. i'm kind of excited for the fall and all the things i can do then that you really can't do any other time, but i still think those things would be so much more fun if i had siblings here. :( oh well, we can't have them forever, too bad.

Friday, August 10, 2007

this is of course the infamously adorable megan sweeney! she likes to put on my sunglasses and she is so darn funny with them on. she is just the cutest!