Saturday, December 15, 2007

i was supposed to do this a LONG time ago

this is my tag:

1. i hate the dark.
2. i'm really good at taking as many random classes as i possibly can. even if i really don't want to go into that profession. my justification is that i'm doing it for the experience.
3.i get really obsessed about using the same color pen in my notes.
4. my goal in life is to convert josh groban and marry him. okay, well, not really, but it's up there.
5. i change what i want to do with my life just about every day. favorite part of photography is printing the pictures. i hope that when i'm older i'll have a dark room, or access to one. this is kind of ironic because being in the dark by myself freaks me out. i just learned to do everything in there really fast i guess...
be cause i was late: one of my favorite times to go into boston is when it's raining. :)
~ boston and plum island are two of my most favorite places to go.

ps-i'll try to get my pictures from this summer up here as soon as i can.

Amusing video

so i don't really know how i found this, but it's pretty good...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

new clothes...

well... here are some new clothes i got a while ago. it's funny, i've been wanting to get some new pairs of pants for a while (i have like 3 pairs of jeans that i just cycle through every week), but everytime we go shopping...we can't find any pairs that fit! SO ANNOYING!!!!! anyways, so on one of these trips in search for a pair of pants, i came back with 6 shirts and a skirt...and no pants (as usual). i hate pant shopping.
anyways, this passed week was the school's accreditation week. Allison Geary was part of it, and she came into a couple of my classes. on tuesday, she bought jenicia and me lunch at the cafeteria. that was fun. i'm still driving. good fun... this weekend is a long one! no school monday! i'm so excited, my friends and i might be going into boston on monday, but nothing is final yet. yesterday, was a best buddies activity. best buddies is a program in school that has students from the school and students in the mentally challenged program in the school come together. when you join best buddies, you can choose to be a peer buddy. this means that you are committed to a one on one friendship with one of the kids. you're supposed to hang out with them, etc., basically, just be their friend. so yesterday, we all went bowling and then out to dinner at a new restaurant in the center. it was alot of fun. my buddy's name is kevin. he's a sweetie. we had a lot of fun. he beat me by a mile with the bowling, i'm a terrible bowler. it was a really good experience and i'm really glad i went.
life is going well, i just finished a poetry notebook for creative writing. we were supposed to compile at least 20 poems, at least 8 of which we had to write. they were supposed to also have a common theme in them. so all 20 of my poems were about the beach. it came out alright. not too bad. i never thought i'd actually like writing poetry. the class is fun, but not as intense as i wish it was, to most of the people in the class, it kind of seems like it's a joke. so, next year, i'm hoping to take a journalism class. i want to actually IMPROVE my writing and i wanted to have the teacher that teaches it(mr. hedges, for all of you who may know who he is). i've heard he's a good one. he chaperoned a field trip i went on a couple weeks ago to see hamlet in boston. it was so much fun.
i think i did enough blogging to be all set for a while. see y'all later. love ya!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

and people drive because why????

i get my licence in 3 months! i'm excited, but not. mom takes me out every morning for seminary, which is fun, pretty simple. however, dad is the one who always gets stuck with taking me out durning the day or...the highway driving. he let me drive back from revere tonight. it was okay, but i still think that driving is just too stressful, and it's so darn scary! geez, i don't know how people do it!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


as i was working on my girls camp quote book, i found this quote. i thought it was funny, not true, but funny nonetheless...

"Big sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life. "

Charles M. Schultz
1922-, American Cartoonist, Creator of ''Peanuts'' this is my life...

well, these past few weeks have definitely been an adventure. while mom and dad were gone, i continued to work, and get better at it, i worked on a quilt, and i still have just barely even touched my summer reading. not to mention that i took a lot of late nights and made up for them by unfortunately also having to deal with really really late nights. however, things are somewhat looking up. next week is girls camp! this is the one week that you are excited for, but usually not entirely until you are actually there. i'll be a jc (junior councellor, for those of you who don't know girls camp lingo). i have a group of 7 second years. i'm planning on making them little quote books and i've already started the process of making braclets...lets hope they have small wrists. i really don't think it'll be necessary to bring them too much because well, in my experience of girls camp, the jc's i looked up to and liked the most weren't necessarily the ones who brought the most stuff for us, they were the ones who spent the most time with us and who actually seemed excited to be there. that, i think, will be my tactic also i hope. oh, and by the way, the theme of the picture is bugs (beautiful unified grateful sisters) and that should explain the picture. i'm a little overwhelmed at the moment with all the many things i need to be doing.
okay, so while i'm excited about girls camp, the one thing i am so so so so so not looking forward to is jamie and renee going back to school. this summer has been so much fun with them here that i really don't know what to do with myself. i'm kind of excited for the fall and all the things i can do then that you really can't do any other time, but i still think those things would be so much more fun if i had siblings here. :( oh well, we can't have them forever, too bad.

Friday, August 10, 2007

this is of course the infamously adorable megan sweeney! she likes to put on my sunglasses and she is so darn funny with them on. she is just the cutest!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


so i do believe that all mormons would appreciate these shirts. matt romano made rachel white and i these shirts. they say PUCKER UP...I'M 16!!!! on them with a kissy face in the middle. he made us promise to wear them during mutual. so we did. mom took a picture. it's kind of small, but i can't really change that. sorry. and hopefully brian will notice this anyways, but i did change the font for you!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Laree is a permitted driver!

so i just went to get my permit...and i passed! i was so nervous going in but it really wasn't that bad. i'm just happy to be done with it. Massachusetts drivers:WATCH OUT!

on saturday, dad and i got back from youth conference. it was so much fun. i didn't get much sleep, but i had a blast! there were so many fun things to do there and so many fun people to do it with. i had fun both with the girls/guys i had already known, met some new ones, and got to hang out with some of my most favorite people from the longfellow park wards!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sixteen Candles

these are the cupcakes i made. i'm not sure you can tell but they
had starfishes and shells on them.
the hat that dad left a note on for me. how sweet!
my dress that betsy got for me. i had to make some alterations on it.
i.e. : i put a skirt and tank top under it.
another picture of the cupcakes
the actual party!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

happy mother's day...a wee bit late.

stirring the alfredo sauce not so attractive one of me was HOT in there.
the finished product.

so for our mother's day gift, to mom, we all agreed to make a dinner. for mine, i made shrimp alfredo (i made the alfredo sauce too...i am no cheater.) and a weird little salad i made spur of the moment. i was told that the alfredo was good. the salad supposedly was a little funky. i'm not sure the dressing was a smart move. it was lemon juice, salt, pepper, and carmelized almonds. the almonds were great though. so anyways, mom felt that she should document the dinner, so here are the pictures.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Discovery of Divine Comedy

i found mormon ads that they change to make funny titles. this was one of them. origionally the mormonad talks about the divinity in each of us. if you can't read the picture, they changed it to say.... FACE IT: you'll never be prom queen.
i found it pretty amusing, hopefully everyone else will too.

I'm here now!