Saturday, December 15, 2007

i was supposed to do this a LONG time ago

this is my tag:

1. i hate the dark.
2. i'm really good at taking as many random classes as i possibly can. even if i really don't want to go into that profession. my justification is that i'm doing it for the experience.
3.i get really obsessed about using the same color pen in my notes.
4. my goal in life is to convert josh groban and marry him. okay, well, not really, but it's up there.
5. i change what i want to do with my life just about every day. favorite part of photography is printing the pictures. i hope that when i'm older i'll have a dark room, or access to one. this is kind of ironic because being in the dark by myself freaks me out. i just learned to do everything in there really fast i guess...
be cause i was late: one of my favorite times to go into boston is when it's raining. :)
~ boston and plum island are two of my most favorite places to go.

ps-i'll try to get my pictures from this summer up here as soon as i can.


Jim and Lisa said...

Let me know how that converting goes! Thanks for the extra throw ins!

Lisa Michelle said...

I'll definitely plan on attending that baptism!

Cris said...

Hee hee - I hear you on the pen w/ the notes. In high school, I got so uptight! I had to have 2 colors. That way, I could see the headings, or when I changed what level I was at in the outline!