Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wishful Thinking

Renee, I don't think I'll be stealing any of your shoes any time soon.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Super duper good salad! It's delish!

Today, I was put in charge of making dinner. I knew we had chicken left over from a previous dinner and I really wanted to make a salad of some kind. So, not having any great manifestations of my own, I turned to the internet for some help. I found this recipe. However, I did have to make some modifications, salads are great in that they allow for some flexibility with the recipe, I used a creative license with this one. We didn't have celery and I wasn't in the mood for raisins. So...this is the new and quite improved recipe:

-chicken, diced and cooked of course
-craisins, about a handful or two
-3 or 4 handfuls of walnuts (granted my handfuls contain about three nuts...), chopped
-1/4 cucumber, diced (you could do more, this was just all we had left)
-1 red pepper, diced
-1 green pepper, diced
-1/2 a medium sized onion, diced
-2 apples, chopped/diced
-approx. 1 cup cooked pasta, cut to small pieces (depending on size/shape)
-parsley, chopped , to taste
-about 3 big globs of mayonnaise, or just to taste (aka that "salad dressing" stuff I grew up calling mayonnaise, but apparently it's just salad dressing, real mayo is gross!)
-salt and pepper to taste

mix and enjoy!

I was pretty nervous at first that adding so many different things would make it taste bad, but I was pleasantly surprised! It also tastes great in a pita. The days of finding great summer recipes is here and I am loving it! Yay for summer!

For my young makeshift photographer self, I think I should add a picture to this blog. How good is a blog without a picture anyways, right?
I took this at Horn Pond a couple of days ago, it was the prettiest, most picture perfect day EVER!! I think I'll post more pictures from that day later, there was a swan family there that let me get like three feet in front of them to take pictures. They were sooooo adorable!

And now the boring update on my life...
I have been trying to find a summer job for a while, but have had no luck. Literally, I think I've filled out about 20 applications. (I'm tired of it.) Anywho, I went back down to the theaters yesterday after not getting a call back and they set me up for an interview today! The guy talked to me for about five minutes and that was all. I handed him my resume, but he didn't even look at it. Oh well. It's really not the greatest job in the world, but I'd get free movies and...well, that's all the perks I can think of. And that is assuming that they actually do hire me. I am still waiting to hear back from about a zillion other places and I really really hope I get another "bite", so I can choose a hopefully "better" job that this. Apparently asking for a simple 9-5 clerical job is too much to ask for these days. The years of good summer jobs are over I think. Meanwhile, I have lots to catch myself up on this summer, including photography projects, jewelry making/repair projects, a list of about 30 books I want to read this summer, cake decorating self-reteaching to do, somehow get myself into some exercise routine that will theoretically continue into the school season (I'm open to any suggestions), a blog to keep up, colleges to check out/getting prepped for applications galore, and oh the many other wonderful things I hope to keep up this summer! If only I could just have a company pay me to do this, I would be one very happy camper.