Sunday, March 6, 2011

Too Long Overdue

Like most things I do in life, I am posting this waaay later than i should. So much later that all of the excitement this may have caused if it had been posted when it should have been is probably all gone. BUT, also like most things I do, I am still posting this, even despite the lack of excitement. Enjoy.
When I first came home, mom and I took a trip into Boston to visit CRDA. It started snowing soon after our escapade began and it was coooold, but very pretty!
we've downsized alot from when all 10 of us were home for christmas!
don't be deceived, there actually was no cereal in those boxes, santa was slacking in the cereal department this christmas!
cris was very excited about his ornament!
mom and dad got scrabble for Christmas. You can see dad's enthusiasm initially above. Then, they found out it was a chocolate board, and both parties (mom and dad) were happy with that, so happy in fact that they couldn't keep themselves from just eating the whole box! (see above) [blogger isn't uploading them in the order- or else these pictures would be switched]

jamie decided to take tyson out for a run of sledding. this was the "bunny hill"

then we went to the White for a real sled hill!