Monday, February 25, 2013


Hola familia,
This week has been good. After 5.5 months in Tujunga, I felt really weird serving somewhere else, but it's a good change. We have an investigator, Juan, that they'd been working with before I got here who is getting baptized next Sunday, so we've been working alot with him. He's amazing- so prepared, so excited and so ready. It's amazing to watch his conversion and commitment to baptism and to the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a whole. We had a really interesting opportunity on Saturday to talk to a man, also named Juan. As we were talking the other Juan came up. We started talking about the changes he's seen in his life through the Gospel and this man's face lit up! He started talking to us about how he's had similar problems, with drinking, drugs, girls, etc. and feels really alone and depressed. He expressed how he wants a change as well. We exchanged contact information and planned to come back yesterday. We missed him when we went back, so he texted us last night to ask when we were coming back. What has impressed me the most is watching how he went from totally turned off when we first started talking to him to seeking after what we have, what the other Juan has found. I realized how much this is really the miracle of the Gospel. This is what we offer people. If only every contact was like that! We're doing everything we can to improve how we contact people so that that happens more. I know that if we can do that at the beginning, teaching becomes so much easier, because they are hungering after the Gospel, and a ready for the Gospel.
We have made alot of goals for things we want to see accomplished this week- especially contacting people and working on how we approach referrals, members, people on the street, etc. I'm excited to work hard and to see the benefits. I'm starting to realized the importance of really pushing myself to do more than just what's easy, or comes naturally, and I really want to push myself harder than I have before. I've been realizing for real just how lazy I am and I hate it. So I'm working on that.
So yesterday, the bishop invited me to go up and introduce myself and bear my testimony in sacrament meeting, since it was my first Sunday. It was weird because he announced it before the sacrament, so I kind of sat there for a little bit until he stopped talking, and the woman behind me told me to go up, so I did. As I was walking back down, I realized we hadn't done the sarament yet, and that, yup, pretty sure I was supposed to do it after!! (super awkward moment right there) What made it even worse was that President Becerra was there giving a talk and as I was walking to the pulpit I could hear someone say something but I didn't hear what they said since I was nervous. I'm sure it was someone telling me not to do it yet. bahaha It's funny now, but I was horrified after!
I saw the announcement and I'm sooooooooo excited!! Love you all!
miss and love you,
-Hna. LaPierre

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Mi querida familia,
Congratulations mom and dad!! I'm so excited for you! That'll be so fun!   :)
We didn't get to e-mail yesterday because of the holiday- the library was closed, and also because...I got transferred. It was a sad Sunday saying goodbye to everyone. I was suuuuper disappointed at first, but it's good. I'm now serving in Rimgrove, which is on the east side of the mission. The work here is pretty slow, so I'm excited to change that. It seems pretty similar to how Tujunga was the first couple transfers I was there. I feel a little out of my element being in a different area, but that'll change soon I'm sure. So far, it seems that much more people speak Spanish here, which is great! (But makes me realize yet again how much work I have to do to improve my Spanish...that always seems to happen right when I think I'm getting it down.) They eat alot more Mexican food here too/ aka there's alot more Mexicans here.
Yesterday was kind of crazy because we were both leaving the area, so we had to clean and pack everything. It was insane. I have to get rid of a lot of stuff. I didn't realize how much I had until I had to pack it all. ugh. not fun. anyways, after a long series of unfortunate events, I finally found my way to Rimgrove. The saddest part of the day was getting a call from one of the members in the ward whose friend (Sonia) we just picked up as a new investigator this week. We had stopped by on Sunday to let her know that we'd be leaving and that there'd be elders coming by and she and her kids were really sad. I was too. We connected with them really quickly and were so excited to teach them. Anyways, we got a call yesterday from her friend, who is a member of the ward and she told us that Sonia didn't want to recieve any other missionaries. NOoooo!!! Ah! I was so sad. We told the elders to stop by last night so hopefully they did and made a really good impression. They're a really special family and they were so excited to learn about God. Her kids were excited about it too!

This past week was a good end to the last transfer. We were able to pick up 2 new investigators and found some really great potentials. One of the best experiences of the week was getting to visit a referral for the second time (Sonia). The first time we went over we said a prayer with them before we left, and so the second time, we were talking to the mom, and her kids kept asking us when we were going to say the prayer. They were so excited to say it. We ended up saying 3 prayers before we left because they each wanted to try! Sonia (the mom), told us that when we came the first time, she felt a weight lift- it's amazing the difference she was able to recognize with us, even before we taught her a full lesson!

I feel so grateful to have been able to serve in Tujunga. I learned alot while I was there, and am excited to put those things into action here in Rimgrove. There's alot of promising potential here. We're really excited to start finding more investigators and can't wait to get things moving.

Can't imagine how excited you must all be right now!
Love and miss you.
-Hna. LaPierre

Monday, February 11, 2013


I got to see mom and dad in the church news yesterday! that was exciting! My mission president said he saw it too! Cute picture mom and dad!
This week has been really good. We were able to pick up 2 new really great investigators, a couple from Mexico,who are really sweet and have lots of energy (they'd be a really great addition the ward!). We're excited to start teaching them.
This week Hna. Connelly has been sick again, so we were in all day Thursday, and went to the doctors. She's doing good now. It was good for me though because I got to study and think alot about the work and what we can do to improve. I got alot of things done around the house as well. I've been studying and analyzing a case study that's helped me come up with some ideas to get members excited to share with their friends, besides us as missionaries telling them that they should.
Sorry, I don't have much more time on here, but just wanted you all to know I'm still alive and kickin'! I love missionary work still and the work is going well.
Love you!
-Hna. LaPierre

Monday, February 4, 2013

We were blessed with several referrals this week which have kept us very busy, and continue to do so. We've met some cool people, some that we hope to start teaching this week.
Actually, funny story- we went to contact a referral and he was really nice, but kind of not sounding super interested. (side note- I hope when I'm in heaven and I'm watching the replay of my life that I don't have to rewatch some door contacts I've had- that'd be super awkward.) Anyways, so we were talking to him, and as the awkward silence started in, I noticed he had some nutrition pamphlets/ vitamins/ protein shake stuff close to the door. Turns out he's a nutrionist. Well, I may not remember most if not anything from my nutrition classes, but it gave us a way to get in the door and it worked!! We ended up talking to he and his wife for about an hour, they have a super interesting story, aside from his nutition stories. He and his wife are from Mexico and moved here because they felt that God had called them to move here (and then we stopped by, no coincidence...just saying, I'll let you know when we baptize them). They became more religious and started changing their lives around. We had a good conversation about who we are and what we teach too. Moy/ Moises (that's his name) just asked us, "so what do you teach?" (probably one of the best questions someone could ask 2 missionaries, so long as they're ready for the flood gates to open), so I tried so hard not to throw out every lesson all at once. it was fun to meet with them for a while, they're a really fun couple.  
I was able to go on exchanges in Montebello, which was really good. I learned a ton this weekend. Acually, I made a list, so here you go:
1.  trying to use every possible way to find new investigators, trying a little of everything to "cast the nets" to find those ready and prepared.

2. I want to start using more object lessons or visuals to help people understand the principles of the gospel. I really feel that it'll help our investigators to progress.

3. not limiting myself in terms of how to do missionary work. being creative with it and having fun as we teach. I think I've tended in some ways to limit myself in terms of what I can do as a misisonary (in terms of work...not rules), which I think has kept me from finding and teaching like I could and reaching the potential I have.

4. being positive. nothing kills our work like negativity. for sure- this is very true.

5. being mindful of the talents and gifts heavenly father has given each of us. I can't try to be exactly like another missionary and expect the same results. Heavenly Father has given us specific talents and gifts. If I can apply the same principles that bring success to who I am, then He can use me maximally as His instrument.

6. I was able to get alot of ideas on language study ideas to help Hna. Connelly (and me), as well as some ideas on what we can do to find, teach, working with, and gaining the trust of, members, etc. which was really helpful- again with the not limiting myself thing.
There were a couple nonmembers and less actives this week at church that haven't been there forever or that we haven't seen for a long time, so we're looking forward to working with them! Especially this one woman, Berta. She's the aunt of one of the members in our ward. Her niece invited her and she said she loooooves it. Our Sunday school class was on the Restoration and Relief Society was on the Plan of Salvation, so it was perfect! It's awesome to watch so many members eager to share the gospel with those around them.
miss and love you all,
Hna. LaPierre