Monday, April 21, 2008

Who Loves Hit and Runs?....

Laree does (apparently). i'm not sure which was more of a or the car i hit. either way, we had a morning-side yesterday at the sivers' house and i/mom thought i knew where i was going. well...i got lost and ended up in MEDFORD!!!!!! when i finally decided i was lost and could not find my way back, i found a parking lot and pulled in right next to a black car (this car is important later on). anyways, so i walked into this restaurant with tears formulating in my eyes (i didn't cry yet though). i was lost and now i was late, and i had no idea where i was (aka i was lost). so i walk in and asked if they knew of such and such a street and they started naming off about 3 of them. we finally realized that the street i was looking for was not in medford indeed, and that i needed to go back to winchester. meanwhile a cop came in and he found me directions to their house. not too bad things were okay now. i was backing up to leave and find my way back, i turned too quickly and too fast and i tapped the front end/side-ish of that black car (told you it'd come back). then those tears i was telling you about that were just waiting to pour down came back, in FULL force. so i parked the car and got out. there was a pharmacy right there so i went in and called dad. once i calmed down a bit, i went back outside to write a note, but they had left already!! then i started freaking out because hello... a hit and run! they are going to think i was being dishonest, etc. or, they saw me in the pharmacy and realized it wasn't worth it talking to that emotional wreck on the phone (that was me by the way). so then i left and finally found the bishop's house and all was well. we had a good morning-side...i missed byc though, felt pretty bad about that. then it ended and i realized that after getting so confused and lost, i couldn't find my way back, so one of my leaders drove me back to the library and i could get back from there. it was an interesting day.

but on a brighter note, i got a ton o' color at the marathon! my arms are killing me, they're beet red!!!!