Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hello Family!!!!
Our mission does a despedida for missionaries leaving every transfer, and well...someone you may or may not know was a part of it yesterday. I love these people. This does not feel real. 

This week was awesome!! We found alot of really awesome people this week, some super awesome investigators, that are super promising! I am so excited! Things are looking really good. 
Something that really hit me this week is how so many people do not know who they really are. Something we've been focusing on, because it seems to be what alot of people need recently, is their divine nature. We've brought so many people to tears in the last couple weeks just because we testify and remind them of their divine potential and how important they really are to Heavenly  Father. That really hit me. It's amazing how enabling that knowledge is. Satan does everything he can to keep us from remembering that because if he can he stops us from growing up to our godly potential. It is so powerful to know and to remember who we are. We are sons and daughters of God- the all powerful, who can do anything, who created all things- we are His sons and daughters directly. there is no obscure lineage or anything. that is powerful.
We had a good lesson with Fernando this week. He is so funny. He had just had a lesson with obispo about the sacerdocio (english?) last week which was good! he was a little confused about how it works though. he's a mason so his impression was that in order to go to the temple you have to reach a certain level of priesthood before you can go. well...not quite...haha we tried to smuther that fire before it became a problem. he is super excited to get the priesthood and especially to go to the temple. awesome!

it was an awesome week. awesome day, we're going to chinatown today to go spend all of our inhertitance haha! i am so excited! hermana lopez was called this weekend to be a trainer so we're going to get a new companion tomorrow. woohoo!!

have a good week,

love you all!
hermana LaPierre