Monday, August 24, 2009


On my last day here, we went as LaPierre as it gets... a trip to Plum Island with whole family (extended, not immediate), eating beans and mollasses cookies. It doesn't get much better than that!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

8-2 days...

wednesday was my last day of work, then it was packing packing and more packing.
my bus stop
good bye CRDA, see you next summer!

this was the luncheon they set up for me on tuesday. they are so so nice!

yup, still playing.
i've been seeing those digits on my clock alot this week!

not yet packed...

things i would like to pack.

things i was either packing or leaving for mom to sell in her yard sale

the many things i left for mom. i had lots of stuff :)... not anymore!

9 days...temple visit

last sunday i visited the arlington ward for a final good-bye to all of them. while i was there, i went up to the temple to take some pictures, the flowers are always so so pretty up there, and the temple too of course.

i wish i could have taken more (there are more than this) but it was SO SO hot!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I just did my last free load of laundry for a while...

Monday, August 17, 2009

10 Days...playing with my expensive toy

On Saturday (the 10 days day) we went to York Beach. Then Jarick and Darell, friends of ours from one of the LP wards came over with their photographer friend to take pictures for their magazine. Here is an unintentional collage of pictures from York and a few of Renee's photoshoot:

(proof that i was there)

we were definately not the only ones who thought it'd be a good idea to go to the beach

*disclamer: I've been trying to teach myself manual settings on, yes, my new camera, so some of the pictures may be a little off. also, i'm not sure alot of them look quite as in focus as they do on the lcd screen, or on the file on the computer. dad also took a couple of these too.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

countdown continuation

in consequence of not having blogged now for at least a couple weeks, i have now consolidated my countdown to just one blog for all the lost time, so i can catch up.

here is what i've been doing for the past little bit, in "preparation" for school:

31 DAYS.... i did a little cleaning/ organizing of my room in anticipation of leaving. and to prep myself for packing, which i have done none of yet (as of sunday august 16th).

30-22 days: this was when i was up in Lake Winnepesauke, it was so much fun!

21-16 days: ugh, i started work again, after being gone for a week. that was painful. why is it that when you get your body out of it's "regular" sleep schedule, it is so painfully difficult to get it back to what you thought it was origionally?

15-11 days to go: we went to a baptism on friday of a boy in one of the somerville wards. it was so nice, and so much fun to be there. one of the families in belmont hosted a pool party afterward, which was also a lot of fun. these past couple weeks especially have been very sad because i've been saying goodbyes to everyone. friday night was especially sad because it was my last time with alot of leaders and people in the stake that i won't be able to see much anymore.
another highlight of this week was making a certain purchase to which i am very excited about! it made a heavy dent in my wallet, but it's already been well worth the buy, and i am sure it will become even more so in the future! i think it will make this blog so much more interesting too.

10 -9 days will have their own separate posts in the future. but to calm the curiosity that i'm sure you're feeling right now, regarding what i did for these 2 days (because of course you have nothing better to do than to sit around all day, wondering what i'm doing right?) i will let you in on the activities of the days. yesterday, we headed out to york beach in maine in the a.m. and walked around and such for a while. it is so fun and cute up there, but it was HOT! i also went babysitting that night too, which was fun, and oh so easy! then today, i visited arlington for my final good bye with the arlingtoners. wow, that ward has changed!! i went up for the temple after for a few minutes, but that part is for a later blog.

catch y'all later!