Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Egg Dying

So like everything else I blog, this is really late, but sometime in March/April, my stake had a Sadie Hawkins Dance (don't know what that is? it's ok, neither did I until about 2 weeks before- it's a casual preference (ie. girls ask the guys) dance). Our relief society president really wanted all the girls in the ward to go and as such promised that everyone in the presidency would be there (we had all agreed on that before). Generally, this is something I kind of don't ever bother with and just don't ask, but this time, I had to. I decided to ask one of my good friends in my ward. Since I never did the fun ask-the-guy-out-in-a-cute-creative-way-thing, I took the chance to make up for lost experiences and did it then! I wrote out an invite to him on a card and then cut it out into a puzzle. I was going to just put it in an envelope and then deliver it to his door, but decided it needed a little extra pizzaz. So! My roommate and I found an awesome alien cereal that I opened from the bottom and put the puzzle inside (in the cereal bag). I closed it up so it looked like it was unopened and delivered it to his apartment ding-dong-ditch style.

A couple days later, I was talking to mom on the phone and was telling her about the invite I had done and how I hadn't heard anything back from him yet. Literally as I was finishing up the story, I heard a knock on the door, as I was opening the door, mom said "hey, maybe it's his response!". [Door opened] And viola! on our door mat there was a cute little easter basket with an egg and a dye set. The pictures can explain the rest:

making the first dye

no idea what the yarn is doing there...
He had written on the egg with invisible crayon and it said YES when I dyed it! And then, we happily went to the dance a week later and had so much fun. The End.