Saturday, November 10, 2007

new clothes...

well... here are some new clothes i got a while ago. it's funny, i've been wanting to get some new pairs of pants for a while (i have like 3 pairs of jeans that i just cycle through every week), but everytime we go shopping...we can't find any pairs that fit! SO ANNOYING!!!!! anyways, so on one of these trips in search for a pair of pants, i came back with 6 shirts and a skirt...and no pants (as usual). i hate pant shopping.
anyways, this passed week was the school's accreditation week. Allison Geary was part of it, and she came into a couple of my classes. on tuesday, she bought jenicia and me lunch at the cafeteria. that was fun. i'm still driving. good fun... this weekend is a long one! no school monday! i'm so excited, my friends and i might be going into boston on monday, but nothing is final yet. yesterday, was a best buddies activity. best buddies is a program in school that has students from the school and students in the mentally challenged program in the school come together. when you join best buddies, you can choose to be a peer buddy. this means that you are committed to a one on one friendship with one of the kids. you're supposed to hang out with them, etc., basically, just be their friend. so yesterday, we all went bowling and then out to dinner at a new restaurant in the center. it was alot of fun. my buddy's name is kevin. he's a sweetie. we had a lot of fun. he beat me by a mile with the bowling, i'm a terrible bowler. it was a really good experience and i'm really glad i went.
life is going well, i just finished a poetry notebook for creative writing. we were supposed to compile at least 20 poems, at least 8 of which we had to write. they were supposed to also have a common theme in them. so all 20 of my poems were about the beach. it came out alright. not too bad. i never thought i'd actually like writing poetry. the class is fun, but not as intense as i wish it was, to most of the people in the class, it kind of seems like it's a joke. so, next year, i'm hoping to take a journalism class. i want to actually IMPROVE my writing and i wanted to have the teacher that teaches it(mr. hedges, for all of you who may know who he is). i've heard he's a good one. he chaperoned a field trip i went on a couple weeks ago to see hamlet in boston. it was so much fun.
i think i did enough blogging to be all set for a while. see y'all later. love ya!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

and people drive because why????

i get my licence in 3 months! i'm excited, but not. mom takes me out every morning for seminary, which is fun, pretty simple. however, dad is the one who always gets stuck with taking me out durning the day or...the highway driving. he let me drive back from revere tonight. it was okay, but i still think that driving is just too stressful, and it's so darn scary! geez, i don't know how people do it!