Monday, March 11, 2013


Querida Familia,

We have our new trainee! Her name is Hna. Stohlton and she is the first 19 year old hermana in the field! It is definately different training her than it was my other trainee, but she's doing well, especially considering she only had 12 days in the MTC and she's 2 years younger. She has an interesting background- she's completely white, from UT, etc. but her parents both served spanish missions and so they raised their kids speaking both! She's not fluent completely, but it's really interesting because she learned it like a native, so she just inherently uses tenses without having to think about it. (Her parents are genius.) Anyways, she's a good addition to our companionship. It's kind of intense though because of all the missionaries that are coming in in 3 weeks, we have to get her ready to either train, or be a with a really inexperienced missionary (someone that's probably been in only like 2 weeks more) in 3 weeks. It's crazy- we don't know what they'll do with us, so we'll see.

Yesterday we had a lesson with an investigator, we had planned to teach him about the Book of Mormon and then invite him to pray. The lesson was so intense as we invited him to offer the closing took him 2 hours (pretty much from when we invited him to to when he prayed). It was so painful for him! (And for me because I had to go to the bathroom soooo bad the whole time! I could barely walk when we left....very awkward leaving that lesson. But I was not leaving until he prayed!) But I learned alot about prayer. He is trying to make significant changes in his life, changes that will draw him closer to God. He has suffered drug addictions, etc... for many years and so Satan has had a pretty good grasp on him. The impression that came to me in the lesson was that praying was so hard for him, because it will turn him closer to God- it's a form of repentance for him. It was painful, because Satan did not want him to do it. So we waited and eventually he did it!! The Spirit was working within him and I know he felt the difference.

This investigator is really interesting. He is incredibly similar to the man who just got baptized last week. They're both named Juan, both live in the garage of their sisters' houses, both were contacted because they're sisters families were referrals, both into drinking/ drugs, both about the same age, both have practically the same questions, wanted to change really badly, scared to go to church the first time.... We've been bringing Juan (Recent Convert, Juan) to our lessons, and he's amazing. We wouldn't be able to teach Juan (investigator Juan) without him. Our last lesson, they stayed to talk to each other for a while after we left and Juan (RC) told us he read with him after we left.

I love missionary work. Love it.

Love y'all,
Hna. LaPierre

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Talked to my mom today and she mentioned they had an earthquake a few hours earlier.  It was 4.7, so fairly good size and the news reports say it was felt as far north as Los Angeles.  Anyway, she may have felt it - or not - but thought I'd pass it along in case you wanted to know...

have a great day!
Lisa Michelle

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