Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spanish Exchange!!

so somehow, in a very fast series of events, i got kind of pulled into hosting a girl coming from spain for the school's exchange! i am so excited! her name is paula! it will be so much fun! i went over jenicia's house tonight and we planned our outings, tell me if you have any other suggestions!...
1. Burlington Mall/Rainforest Cafe
2. Jordan's Furniture
3. Beach!!!!!
4. Roller World (maybe...)
5. Wendy's (apparently this is a big hit)
6. Chuck E. Cheese
7. Lanes and Games
8. Good times
9. Plaster Fun Time

seriously, if anyone knows of any american places to take a spaniard, please let me know!


Renee Lee said...

well if you're taking her to lanes and games make sure that it's candle pin bowling and not normal bowling, cuz that can only be experienced out there. other than that, i've got nothing

Anonymous said...

Lexington, Saugus Iron Works, Salem,
Maple sugaring, Newburyport, lighthouse in York, ME

Jim and Lisa said...

Boston? There's tons of stuff to do down there. How long is she going to be there?

The Hills said...

Fun I hope that you get to at least do stuff with the spanish kids since the sleepover didn't work out.