Sunday, August 8, 2010

better late than never?

i never ended up posting this. so here it is, our family get together at the hills last year!

bryce, this is for you!

blurry but too funny not to put up!

cousins!...also modeling their dartmouth shirts here!

the boys were playing with transformers (at least i think they were transformers)

behind tanner are the cute decorations betsy (and others?) made for the occassion
the table settings

this one is kind of blurry, but was too funny not to post. (above)


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna come one of these years!! Looks like so much fun!

The Tanner Thompsons said...

they are bionacles and bakugans they are playing with... you got some really good pictures though! gurry up and come back to UT!!!!

The Tanner Thompsons said...

and by gurry i mean hurry

micahl said...

yes, gurry up Laree!!
and better late than never...good times had by all!

Cris said...

If you waited just a couple more months, you could have passed them off as this year's pics!