Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a sneek peak?

ok, ok. i know i'm, bad at blogging. i will be up here again soon for a much longer blog! in fact, there has been talk of a possible trip to the roof of my building at work for a sweet photo shoot of the city from above. prob wishful thinking, but i'll think my wishes as long as i can. anyways, if that's not happening, there are plans for a city photoshoot in the works, i just have to figure out when. and some delightfully delish snacks are in the works too. but none of this is certain. ahhh!!! only nine days left and of course i feel the sudden urge to get everything done that i never did! oh if days were only 24 hours longer!!

anyways, while we're waiting on those delightful treats i was talking about, feast on this:
look delish eh? no worries, it was.


Anonymous said...

but who's counting calories?!

klap said...

aren't those from Lisa's shower....like a year ago? You still have them around...and are eating them?!