Friday, July 6, 2012

Pre Mish Summer

After I finished school last semester I was able to visit Bryce and Lisa in Texas and Lisa and Jim in D.C. I spent about 2 days in each place and had a blast! It was so much fun to get to spend time with all of them. I didn't take my camera out much while I was there, so there's not much to show for it unfortunately. It was so so fun to get to visit the LaPs and Schillings before I leave on my mission. Next time, I'll have to stay for longer :)

When I got back home, I started working at the dental office again almost immediately, which obviously took up alot of time and tried to get some things checked off my list to get ready for my mission. Turns out though, that trying to run errands after work is a little more difficult though, so I truthfully did not get a ton done while I was working. But I was able to spend time with family and especially grateful for the opportunities I had to spend some time visiting Emmett, Katy and Micah while Emmett was admitted in the hospital, as well as spending time with everyone else as well. Before I leave for my mission, I will have seen everyone of my siblings within the last 3 months (that's a miracle for our family!)

I took the last 2 weeks off work so I could full time get ready, which ended up being a really good thing, as there were alot of things that needed to get done. Finding shoes was probably one of the most painful processes so far. I tried to find shoes that would fit me, look at least semi- professional, and give me some kind of support while being on my feet all day. I'm sure that's hard to find for women with normal, adult sized feet, but with kids sized feet, that's apparently close to impossible. Luckily, I was able to find some really good pairs of shoes that I think will be great, especially once they're broken in a little bit more. 

I was also able to do some fun things with the family while I've been home. Today, mom and dad and I headed to Plum Island for a couple hours. I had wanted to get up there at least once before I headed out, so I was really glad to get to go. The water was really warm and felt great, especially since it's been so hot! 

On the 4th, we went on a harbor cruise and were able to watch the tall ships, and the Constitution (is that considered one of the "tall ships"?) sailing around. AND the Blue Angels did a few fly bys!! It was the second time we saw them in 1 week and they were AMAZING!!

Last Friday, we went to an air show that the Blue Angels were flying in. It was incredible!! I wanted to watch Top Gun again so badly after coming home from the show that night! We (Mom, Dad, Cris and I) took Tyson with us so his parents could recover from baby Benjamin being born earlier that morning!

 They were literally right in front of us! Since it was a private show for GE, etc. employees, there were not alot of people there so we were able to get up really close! Thank-you dad for working at GE!!

 Tyson is probably a good example to show how hot it was that day. Soooo hot!!!
Even more exciting than the air show was that baby Benjamin was born that Friday morning!! Jamie and Michelle called around 4 am, so mom and I drove over to take care of Tys while Jamie and Michelle went to the hospital. We took Tyson home with us to come play at our house once he woke up. Before we went to the air show, we stopped into the hospital so that Tyson could meet his new little brother.

 When mom and I took Tyson home with us, he went directly to the tool shed, and picked up this long metal bar and started playing with it around the house. He looked so cute so I had a little fun taking pictures of him.

 I also had some fun taking pictures of Katy, Micah and Emmett a few Sundays ago. It was such a beautiful day and Emmett was doing pretty well that day so we went for a little walk and took some pictures! I took most of the pictures with their camera, so I don't have a ton to show for on here! It's been so much fun to get to spend so much time with so much family the past few months. I'm sure going to miss everyone when I head out to California. I'm so glad I know it's where Heavenly Father wants me right now in my life. I'm really excited to serve other people and come to know my Savior even better. I think it'll also be really exciting/ interesting to see what kind of challenges come and see the blessings and miracles that come through enduring and overcoming those challenges. I'm so grateful for the gospel and have no idea where I'd be without it!

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