Friday, July 27, 2012

Week 3

Hola familia y todos personas!!

First of all- CONGRATS BRYCE AND LISA!!!!!! You just made my week! I'm going to go print off those pics after I'm done e-mailing and show them off!!

I hope you are all doing well. I totally forgot that you were all heading up to NY! I'm so jealous, wish so bad that I could have been there. I'll be fasting for Emmett too. Miss you all so much and wish I could be there to help out with everything, comforting to know that Heavenly Father can step in instead...He's probably more help than I am anyways ;).

This week was really great. We have 2 new investigators- Mario and Anna! We haven't met with them much yet, but I'm excited to teach them. Yesterday, we got to teach volunteers at the TRC! that was so fun. We taught 2 RMs, Taylor and Alex, and then a woman name Silvia, each for 20 minutes. The Spirit was there. It's amazing how broken our Spanish can be, and yet when the Spirit is there, somehow our thoughts and feelings are communicated. I finially think I understand a little bit more that spiritual things really are communicated spirit to spirit, not by words. You can teach in perfect english, or testify, but if you don't do it with the spirit, it still doesn't really matter what you said at all. That's been humbling to learn.

This Tuesday, we had a good devotional from Gary Coleman. He used to be the Arcadia mission president!!! AND- I found out that he's one of my really good friend's grandparents! I was going to go say hi to them after, but decided against it since we had to get back to our classroom. He talked about how we as Mormons are obsessed with Christ! It's true!! Everything we do is about coming closer to Him. It was a great devo. My favorite talk we listened to this week was Elder Bednar, Character of Christ talk. He gave it on Christmas day last Dec, and they replayed it on Sunday. It is incredible. AFter reading it, I've been thinking alot about it. It made me think of the scripture in Matthew 4 that says" follow me and I will make you fishers of men". One of the things that Elder Bednar was talking about is that it's what you are and who you become that invites the power of the Spirit as you teach. I want to become PMG so that I can teach with that power. He talked alot about turning outward, rather than inward. Christ's character was to always turn outward, even during His suffering in the GArden and on the cross, He was still concerned for others (He healed the guard's ear and taught the thieves on the crosses next to Him). Part of Christ's character is to always turn outward. I want to be like that too. There are so many opporutnities to think that in some way, I have it harder and thus, I should be given some slack, or somethings- it's easy to focus on myself and what I want out of my mission and what I want to feel and learn and do, but that will never make me a good missionary. Turning outward, like Christ is so key. I hope my mission becomes like that.

One of the missionaries in our zone left for Peru this week! It was sad to say good bye to her! 3 of our elders are leaving to Guatemala MTC this week. That will be a little hard. They'll be great, our district will be all to CA after they leave. Today is P-day and the temple is open again so we get to go to the temple today!!! I"m so excited!

Sorry, this is all so random. Just thoughts I've had during the week. Being a missionary has a way of making you look at yourself if a totally different way. I always assumed that as a missionary you just all of the sudden were perfect at everything. I know it's silly, but i was a little surprised when I realized that I'm still me! I still have the same struggles, and runway does not all of the sudden just get shorter (that's for you dad!) but that is changing. Missionary work is great.

Randome things for family:

Carrie- I got your letter!! the elders were teasing me about it being a boyfriend because I was so excited to open a letter!
Bryce and lisa: ah!!!!!! so excited for you!
Mom- can you send me the list of addresses for my thank-you notes. you can dear elder me and let me knwo if you need me to send you a list. also, I realized that I never brought any family pics here!! any chance I can have you send me some?! (and my camelback waterbottle maybe later) I dont' have the cord for the camera, so I was just thinking of sending you the card when it's full. and then having  you send it back to me!
Katy and Micah- I love you, and am praying hard and will be fasting of Emmett!
Everyone- I'm sorry I can't write individual e-mails to you all. I wish I could. Once I have your street addresses, I will for sure! Lisa, I got your e-mail! I'll keep an eye out for him too! Thanks for the e-mail. Renee and Carrie, I hope you are doing ok with your little ones still inside ;).

I miss you all and love you more! The church is still true!


Hermana LaPierre

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