Tuesday, January 29, 2013

try #2

due to a rather unfortunate internet disconnection at the family history center yesterday, I wasn't ever able to send out the e-mail I had writted. aqui esta.
Mi querida familia, 

I've realized the past couple weeks that I already have less than a year left of my mission. I can't believe it! The time is going by so fast. 

We had a couple really great lessons with some investigators this week. We were able to have 3 investigators attend services during stake conference, which was great. They had a meeting right before the general session for recent converts, returning less actives, and investigators. We had 2 investigators there and when it first started, I was a little nervous to see how the meeting would go. It ended up being really really good. They had some temple missionaries teach for a little bit and I think it was right on with what the 2 of them (our investigators) needed to hear. I had felt that maybe we should focus on the temple with them, so I think it reinforced some of that. We also had an investigator come to the general session too, it was his first time ever coming to church, so it was kind of weird trying to explain to him why this meeting was different from how we had explained the normal services. The meeting was really great and despite the really distracting family sitting in the rowright in front of us, he told us he really liked it (...prayer works!).
This man is really interesting. He is open and receptive to us, and the principles we teach, but focuses alot on and has alot of questions about deeper doctrinal questions, that don't usually relate very well to what we're trying to teach. He's open to us turning the conversation back to our message, but it takes some time. He and his daughter really love talking religion and soak up everything we give them. We gave his daughter an Ensign that had a couple articles about Joseph Smith for her to read and he told us that she's been studying from that.  He has been progressing though and keeps every commitment, and reads alot from the Book of Mormon, both he and his daughter.

Something I've been realizing this week is the importance of both being bold and "aggressive", but also being gentle and loving as well. Sometimes I think I focus more on getting people to do something because I want them to do it, for stats, or whatever, in stead of focusing on the why we commit them to do it. So, I'm trying to remind myself why we actually commit people to do something and focus on how I can help them to accomplish them so that they can see and feel the blessings of the Gospel, and especially the Atonement, in their individual lives.  

Hope you're all doing well.

Miss and love you,
-Hna. LaPierre

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