Monday, January 14, 2013

Hola familia,

the b2 bomber that flew by during the rose parade. It was soooooo cool. loved it. 

me and Hna. Duran after exchanges. she was my companion for the dayour

district last transfer

This week was good. I got to go to San Gabriel on Tuesday and it was AWESOME! I loved it so much. It's alot different than Tujunga- there's alot more space, less apartments and it's flat, but it was really fun. The work there is going really well. We taught almost every hour, which was really nice. I really loved being there, I learned alot that I want to apply to our area. 

We had a lesson at a member's home with an investigator that we've been working with for a while. We taught the plan of salvation. She was a little preoccupied with her daughter, so it made teaching her a little difficult, but it was still really good. She got to feel the Spirit in their home and see what a real family is like. It was really funny, when we began, I asked the 10 year old girl (who is a member) what the Plan of Salvation is, she said something like when all the cows died, and then started talking about grasshoppers. I don't know what was funnier- my expression, her parents', or our investigator's. I guess she got confused with the circle of life, and the 7 plagues in the story of Moses, which she's learning about in school. It was a good ice breaker and made everyone laugh, so it was good. 

I've been a little frustrated with one of our investigators this week because she agrees alot to what we say, she'll read a little of what we assign her to do, she sometimes keeps appointments, but I don't really see that she has really taken responsibility herself. We've been wanting to teach her the law of Chasity for a couple weeks now (she and her boyfriend live together) and each time we go to teach her, for some reason it falls through (can I just say how much I hate Satan?!) For the most part, it's all things legitimate, but it keeps her from us being able to teach it to her. She has also not been attending church. Every week she says she'll try to be there, but something gets in the way every time. She has a strong desire to continue learning and she says she feels herself coming closer to God, but at the same time, she's not really taking responsibility for herself. 

Besides her, we don't have many investigators yet, but we've set a really high goal for referrals this week and we want to focus on that and on contacting referrals this week. We also had a former investigator call us yesterday to set up an appointment this week, which was really really exciting. 

Transfer calls were on Saturday and we didn't get a call so I'll be here for at least another 5 weeks! (this transfer is one week shorter than normal). I'm excited, I just hope that I've learned what I needed to learn these past 3 transfers to get the work moving here. I make mistakes all. the. time. and it drives me crazy, but at the same time, I've learned and am learning alot. I really love missionary work. I've been focusing alot on praying more for things this week. Especially for praying for specific things, for me as a missionary, for our investigators, and as a companionship. It's been opening up alot of really good opportunities for us and for the work. 

I love you all

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