Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello family!!

This week has been really great. 

We had a good follow up visit with Maria after her baptism on Tuesday. She said that as she was walking into the font on Sunday, she realized that she had had a dreamed her baptism before! And she knew that it was what God wanted her to do. She said after her baptism, she felt like she was in the clouds! She asked us if/ how she could do the baptisms for her grandparents because she feels like they really need it and should have the blessings. I'm so happy for her. We started talking about temples, and then somehow the prophet came up. She was so excited talking about how the prophet came to her baptism. 
....yup, she was convinced that President Monson was at her baptism!! I WISH he had been at her baptism!! Ha, it was really funny, we tried to explain how he's the leader of the church for the whole world, and showed her his picture, and still, she was convinced. Unless she saw something that we didn't, which, who knows. Anyways, that was funny, I think she was referring to one of the councellors in the mission presidency that came for the baptism. 
Well, hopefully we helped her understand that a little bit better. Anyways, then comes this Sunday, the day of her confirmation, and get a call from her ride that morning to tell us that she can't pick Maria up that day. Ok, well we called someone else and we were all set. Church starts, no Maria. Maria's ride walks Maria. What?! For some reason, I guess she couldn't come to church because her kids came and so she couldn't leave...
so that was a bummer, but we went over after to talk to her and she had been at least reading her book of mormon, so that was really good. We got to talk to her a little bit more about the importance of confirmations and what they are, and church. she's really good, we're excited for her confirmation next week. 

I've been really impressed lately with the importance of making promised with Heavenly Father. Not sure if I shared this with you last time, but there's something about promises that really does strengthen your relationship with  Him, especially if you truly understand and do everything in your power to keep that promise. Our testimonies are strengthened, our relationship with Christ deepens and the divine help is poured out more than we usually deserve. I'm so grateful for that, and for prayer, the opportunity to kneel and communicate with Him about those promises. He really does listen. Prayer makes it all so much more real. I love the Gospel. 

Have a wonderful week!

Love you all, 

Hermana LaPierre

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