Monday, July 1, 2013

Last Weeks Letter

Hello Family,
This week was great! Maria finally got confirmed. It was a little weird. We had confirmed on Saturday with our bishop that we could do the confirmation, but he must have forgotten, so we had to have one of the elders remind him while he was conducting the music. Minus the communication error, it was so powerful, she was in tears, and I know she felt the difference. Ah! The perfect finish to the past 3 months in Pomona.

Speaking of which...we got transfer calls this weekend! I'm back in Rimgrove (La Puente, Hacienda Heights, and Rowland Heights) and I'm companions with Hermana Southworth, who was my companion in the MTC. I'm excited! I'll also be training again, so that will be fun as well. I'm excited for new experiences, new fun, and new challenges. I'm also excited to see the people I worked with in Rimgrove. I can't believe it's already been 3 months since I was there. Time moves so fast here. I can't think too much about it.
Something also that was really exciting was getting to see a less active that we've been working with for a while at church yesterday! I felt so bad because I didn't get to talk to her after church, but it was great!!
I was impressed by the broadcast yesterday, I had alot of thoughts and impressions that I'm excited about. There is so much more potential to be done everywhere. The Lord truly is calling a hastening of his work, and a hastening in the conversions of everyone- investigators, and members, all of us! He's shaping us up!
We started teaching a man, Saul, about a week ago. He's a really interesting man, I think I talked about him in my last letter. Anyways, he's pretty interesting- from Guatemala, was a teacher there, moved here, and now does who knows what. Every time we meet with him, he really seems to get it, as far as understanding what we're saying, but he's not really letting his heart get too involved right now. We're changing that ( the other hermanas will be changing that). We had a tour with him on Friday before our English class and it went well. He's slightly irreverant, so it's kind of funny...and frustrating... because we'll be teaching, or there will be a moment when we feel the Spirit and then we'll look at him and he'll make some off handed comment or do something silly. We haven't quite found what he needs yet, but we're working on that.
We also had a couple great lessons with an investigator, that's a part member family. He's a stereotypical part member family investigator- been worked on by pretty much every set of missionaries that have walked into the area, almost baptized a couple times, but never did it. Well...he's doing it now. He committed to a baptismal date this week, and we're working on him. He says he just needs to get an answer, but really, he just needs to recognize that he's already gotten it. He already knows. I got to see him last night before I left and I was able to share my testimony with him. The Spirit was there. He knows what he has to do. I'm excited to go back for his baptism.

I love you lots, and miss you all too.

Have a great week!

Hermana LaPierre

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