Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 23

Hello Family!!!
This week was great! Things are improving alot in Rimgrove. We've been picking up alot of new investigators every week, but haven't been holding on to many of them, which has been suuuper frustrating. So we spent our week "cleaning up"- we had to drop some of the people we met the first couple weeks I was here. That was really rough, but also good because it's helped us open our eyes to people that have real growth potential- people that will actually be baptized rather than people that have no ganas.
In the process though, we met started teaching this woman, Leticia. I mentioned her last week, she lives with one of the members in the ward and she's been coming to church the past month with her friend. She is LEGIT!! Our first lesson we invited her to be baptized and she said yes, but it was funny because she kept saying " I don't know why I'm saying yes, but I feel something!" She showed us her arms and legs and how she had goosebumps all over her. She kept saying, I don't know why, but I feel something. Then. Next lesson- The Restoration. We were talking about how we have 12 apostles today and she said "What?! I didn't even know that! I never knew that!" We invited her to be baptized on a specific date, and she got a little hesitant because it's one week after the 28th anniversary of her daughters death. I love this woman! She is incredible! She needs the Gospel so much and she knows it, she feels it! She's married to this man, and we kept talking to her to see if he'd be interested in learning more, she kept saying how he's more hard hearted and probably won't want to listen, which makes us sad because it's way harder for these woman to progress when their husbands don't want it, and there's more real growth when we teach families. So we decided to fast that he'd be open. We had a dinner at their house this past Sunday, with the member that they live with, and had planned a short lesson with Leticia after. We went to the dinner and started the lesson and it was really good. We taught about the Book of Mormon. About half way through the lesson, her husband walked in from work, so we invited him to sit down and listen and HE DID!! At the end, we invited them both to read a chapter and he said that he would and that he'd be there for our next visit!! We also talked about how these lessons prepare us for baptism and he was really open. I am super excited. The Lord listens to our prayers and fasts. I can't wait to go back there!
This week has been so interesting. I had to do exchanges with another sister in a different area this past week, so while I was with her, we had this crazy drunk guy come up and talk to us for a while. We talked to him for a while and at the end, we went to leave and he started following us. Well it freaked out this poor sister and she took a while to get back together. We were fine though, I just felt bad for her. It made the exchange super interesting. I have 2 more exchanges to do so hopefully the others are not as exciting :)

Everything has been great! love you all!
Love, Hermana Laree LaPierre

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