Monday, July 1, 2013

Quick Note

Hello family!!
Well this week has been quite interesting. It's been kind of weird going back to Rimgrove, but it's also made the transition a lot easier, because I already know alot of the members, so I at least I don't feel like we're starting at square one completely.
We've been teaching this one woman who is really interesting, Janet. We were working with her this week to get her to come to church and she kept giving us excuses for why she couldn't come. We promised her at our last lesson that if she paid for the bus she would have money/ needs sufficient to get her through the week. she accepted that promise. We told her we'd take the bus with her. So we did. yesterday, we went to take the bus with her and at the bus stop she turned to me and asked "so which of you will pay for my bus ticket?" what?! I think there was some selective hearing going on there in that last lesson. Well, it made the next couple minutes a little awkward, but we figured it out. We got to church an hour and a half early because we had planned on the bus taking longer,but it was good because we got to do a tour with her before church. all day she kept saying how she didn't feel good, but I didn't think much of it.
Well, right before relief society she threw up! she has diabetes and depression and had taken meds for it earlier,but didn't eat enough with it so her blood sugar was suuuuper low. she just about passed out too. well that was a great welcome to church! anyways, before that she said she was learning a lot so hopefully the positive outweights the negative right?!
i'm about to get kicked off! love you! the church is true!

hna. Lapierre

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