Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 15 Letter

Hello Family!!

I'm still alive! Sorry I didn't get to write a big e-mail last week, I was responding to other ones. Thank-you for the birthday wishes! It was a good day.
This week was good, we had a lot of things fall through which was kind of frustrating, but we were able to find some investigators because of it, which was really good. A couple of them have lots of potential. Last Sunday, was a really intense day. We have a couple investitgators who had baptismal dates in July and who NEEDED to be there if they were going to get baptized this month. Well, we had worked super super hard to get them at church and no one came. It was really frustrating, but while I was sitting at church I was trying to think of opportunities that we may have been missing for people to teach, people that will progress. We have people to teach, but not alot of solid ones who meet with us regularly enough. They all work at least 2 jobs, so it's a big struggle for them, understandably. Well, while I was sitting there, I realized that one of the members in the ward has been bringing her friend to every activity, and has been bringing her to church too for the past month. Ummm.....why aren't we working with her?! Well, turned out there was a baptism that afternoon, so we invited her to come and she came!!!!! She definately felt the spirit there's no way she didn't. We were also able to go back that week and teach her a brief lesson too. We're going back to teach the Restoration tonight and I am SO EXCITED! the Lord is so smart.
On Friday we had a party with the Mission. We had a fireside in the morning that was really good. something I was really impressed by that sister Becerra talked about was not being paralyzed by our weaknesses. Everyone kind of touched on the theme of feeling inadequate, overcoming feelings of being overwhelmed by not reaching our potential. It was really powerful. Made me think alot. In the afternoon, we had a major water fight and it was SO FUN! we made a bunch of water balloons and played some water games, but then it just turned into just filling up buckets of water and dumping them on each other. It was fun.
Saturday night, we had a cockroach the size of California in our bathroom too. It took us a half hour to finally catch it. They fly?!?!?!? who knew that, I didn't! oh and by the way, they dont' die. yuck yuck yuck!!! it was funny though...after a weekend of counseling I can finally say that :).
the church is true!!
Love you all!
Hermana LaPierre

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