Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Catching Fire

HI family,
yup, catching fire, we're on fire! fernando's baptism was awesome. Funny story- so he was an ideal investigator this past month- never any questions, never any doubts, just how he could get baptized. it was so perfect, we were always trying to figure out what his doubt was. He had his baptismal interview on friday and we were at the church waiting for him to get out. it was really funny because there were actually another investigator getting his baptismal invterview the same day and that guy went in for his interview later and came out like 30 mins before fernando. we were getting kind of nervous that something had come out that he had failed to mention to us. Finally- after an hour!!! he came out. Apparently, our DL made the mistake of asking him how he met the missionaries,haha 30 minutes later they were able to start the interview! when he got out Fernando was telling us about how he told him his whole life story! which, for real, he really did tell his whole life story. he first met the missionaries in 1992 and he actually showed us this week the first book of mormon that he had gotten from them! it was so cool this guy has been prepared!
when we started teaching him, we asked him to show us on our map where he lives so we could make sure he lives in our area (we always taught him in his niece's house). well, he pointed to a place in our map, so we thought we were ok to teach him. turns out though, that he actually lives like 2 blocks out of the ward boundaries....a detail that just came out the night before his baptism!! really?!?!?!? we couldn't have found that out a month ago?! we spent the last 15 minutes before bed time and all morning trying to figure out what to do with the DL and ZLs. ...awkward...well, thanks to fernando being a rich man and having a million houses, we were able to baptize him because his niece lives in a house that he owns, which is in our boundaries ( big time loop hole!) not sure that's a kosher excuse, but that's what they told us to do, so we did it. eventually of course, he'll have to go to his ward, but for now since he has family in our ward, he can come  here. woops! well, our perfect investigator finally had a flaw! haha, but he's still on fire! he was so happy to be baptized. what a day!

this friday, we had a thanksgiving dinner. it was so funny. someone needs to explain what thanksgiving is! it was 80s themed and they had the primary singing christmas songs. haha oh i love latinos!

we're getting a little nervous for december. we have been told that every companionship in the mission must baptize in the month of december. we don't have anything solid yet though, so we're kind of nervous, but hopefully this week is a good one. it has to be if we get a baptism in december. 

things are going well. it's freezing here. probably not as cold as home, but for california it's cold! my sweaters are getting more trunky than i am, they have holes! haha hope things are going well.
love you! 

hermana lapierre

some pics from the baptism, the 2 teenagers are his great nieces but they were in my first ward in the mission- in tujunga! 

love you, 

hermana lapierre


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