Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Dear Family, 

This week has been awesome! I was looking at pictures from the beginning of my mission and wow....I was a little chubby huh?! haha well nothing like tortillas rice and beans to help you lose weight! Anyways, life is good. 

We are continuing to see many miracles here in Bel 2 and Los Robles. We are super excited for Fernando Castillo's baptism in a couple weeks. He's progressing really well. It was really funny- we had a lesson on the word of wisdom the other day and as we were introducing the lesson, he started testifying of how not drinking, smoking, etc. is so important and how it helps you feel closer to God (yup, he totally said that!). He is super excited to be baptized, he told us that he wants us to talk to him like he's already a Mormon. He is so awesome! It seems like we've met him at the end of a life long spiritual preparation to receive the restored Gospel. 

The other day (aka last week), we were walking down the street and this woman came up to us to ask us where our church is and if we could come teach her family about the Gospel. umm....sure! yeah, we can do that! well, we went to their house this week and it was amazing! They've been looking for a church to go to for a long time. Actually, her husband told us that he saw missionaries biking down the street the other day (before she met us) and he felt like he should follow them to see where the church was. When he went to grab his bike and came back they were gone. Then, a couple days later, his wife saw us! that's when she stopped us to ask if we'd teach her. They are so awesome! The spirit was so strong in the lesson. 

East LA is AWESOME!! It is so different than the other areas i've been in. I love it. I've never smelled so much weed in my life. But, it's ok, that's why we need to help them! haha I wish I could take more pictures and show you this place. Love it.

love you guys!

Hermana LaPierre

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