Friday, August 17, 2012

Mission Life Week 6

Ok, well...I think it's week 6, pretty sure at least. How are you all doing?! Mom and dad, how was your trip to UT? Hope you're all doing well and sounds like you are all having fun.
There's not a whole lot to report this week other than that it seems like the weeks are going by alot faster now. That is both a great thing, but also a scary thing. I am so excited to be out in the field, but then also feel very not ready to be out there all at the same time. It'll come faster than I'm ready for, for sure. I just hope I've learned everything I could before I leave.
The MTC has been fun. We have really really great teachers that make it so much more fun. The way it works is that we generally have 2 3 hour classes during the day. and each teacher teaches one of those class periods. Generally, for one hour of each class time, 2 of the companionships teach our investigators and whoever isn't teaching has companionship study.The other day, we were in class doing comp study while one of the companionships were teaching and other teacher, Hermano Cuadra, who was not teaching that class period came in to talk to me. He said he noticed that my feet did not touch the ground when I sit all the way back on my chair, so he gave me a footstool to rest my feet on!! Ha!!! I started laughing so hard. I think he thought he was pretty funny but also was kind of serious. It's true, sadly though, when I sit all the way back, only the balls of my feet touch the ground. I would defend myself by saying that I still do not need a footstool, but use it anyways just because it makes it more fun to put my feet up on something. My whole district got a good laugh about that one.
Also, we were told by one of the elders in our district that it was his birthday the other day so one of the sisters in our district spent some time this week making signs for him to decorate the classroom with. ended up not being his birthday and he was just kidding, but we celebrated anyways. Hermano Cuadra was teaching that morning and so had us sing to him, thinking it was his birthday too. When he found out that it was not his birthday, he was so crushed! He's been teasing him about it since. It made the day a little more fun anyways.
We taught Ricardo and Mario this week. Both are doing well. Our big exciting news for the week was that when we last taught Ricardo, he said that he had read the introduction to the Book of Mormon!!!!!! In case you did not pick up on this in my other letters- this is a miracle! This means that he actually touched the book, opened it, and read it!! His pastor came though and got mad at him for reading it, so he stopped. So we still have some work to do on figuring out what it is that he's afraid of, but he read!!!!!! It was so exciting. One of the things I've appreciated about teaching Ricardo is how realistic it is to real investigaors in the field. I have learned so much as I teach him because I have been pushed to work harder. I have never tried so hard to be led by the Spirit before as I feel like I do here. I honestly don't think I've prayed or searched the scriptures so hard either. It is hard work, and sometimes it's frustrating, but it's nice when you see it pay off, even in some small way like seeing an investigator who refused to read the LDM/ BoM for so long finally decide to read, even just the introduction.
Thanks for your love and support. Love you all. Hope you have a great week.
Hasta luego,
Hermana LaPierre

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