Friday, August 24, 2012

Remember me?

Aloha Familia!
Yep, I'm still alive and in the MTC. With less than 3 weeks left!!!! The weeks are going by a little bit faster now.
Happy Birthday Jaxon! I know it was a couple days ago, but didn't forget! I was thinking about you all day!
This week has been great and full of so many great experiences.
First of all- we got to host for the first time this week! it was fun. We just welcome the new sisters coming in and help them get their stuff, find their bedroom and classroom and send them off once they're at class. It's fun. I got to host 2 girls- one Samoan girl going to CA (different mission) and another UT girl going to Honduras. Both were cute girls, doing pretty well for their first day.
Also, as all the hosting sisters were sitting around talking I was talking to one sister that lives in our hall. We see each other all the time obviously, since we live right next to each other. Well, anyways, we were talking and I mentioned where I was from. She said she had lived in Swampscott! I was a little confused seeing as that's in our ward! She is the Crawford's daughter!! (mom and dad- I'm sure you're the only ones that know who I'm talking about) We both looked at each others' name tags and just laughed!! She's awesome! We had a fun time chatting about each other's families. I couldn't believe I've seen her and talked to her every day since being here and just barely realized who she is!
Probably one of the best things about the MTC, for me at least, are the devotionals. We have a fireside on Sunday, and then after the fireside, they play films and past devotionals in different rooms around campus. Then on Tues. we have another devotional. These are so so great. Each week we've been hoping for an apostle to come, but hadn't had one yet. This week however we got to hear from Elder Neil Andersen!! It was amazing! He pulled up a picture of President Monson and we all sand Happy Birthday to him, since it was his birthday! I half expected Pres. Monson to come out while we were singing, but he didn't. The devo was really inspiring and uplifting. He mentioned 9 things that Pres. Monson would say if he were here. These were the focus of his talk. 1- follow the prophet, 2-do your duty, 3-trust in the Lord, 4-Let the Lord shape your back, 5-smile and enjoy yourself, 6-Love the people you serve, 7-never ignore a prompting, 8-testify of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 9-witness of the Power of the Savior. He has a really gentle way of speaking that I loved, but also speaks as an apostle. There was definately power in what he said and in his calling. There are so many things I could say about this talk, but I think one of the things I felt most was how much I want to let the Spirit guide me as a missionary.
We also listened to a past devotional from Elder Bednar, which I loooooved. it's called becoming a missionary and was all about how when you leave your mission area, you do not stop being a missionary. It was very powerful to me and made me see what I can do, not only now as a missionary but in the future, with my future family, etc. Very inspirational and thoughtful, to me at least.
My time is up, so I'll just say I love you all and hope all is going well for you. I think of you all very often.
Miss and Love You,
Laree/ Hermana LaPierre

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