Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pictures From Laree's Pre-Mission Prep

Laree called us all via Skype through MANY computers. 
"I'm going to Arcadia, CA!"

Study, study, study.


 Gotta give that talk.

 Farewell Open House
It was overseen by these former and current bishops who all were in the Arlington Ward together at one time!
Pinata Cookies
Bruschetta Bites
and, of course, te old stand-bys

Autograph quilt by Jo Maitland

Some of the well wishers

Dad and Norma Chandler
with Brian Sweeney
and his cuties, Megan and Conor
The Batistas

Cris is over 6'!      Ian's TALL!

Can she hear him? He's so much taller!

with Ian Patton

The Balmforths
with ep

Michelle and Benjamin
with Tyson

We just can't celebrate without our Romano girls!
with Mom and Dad
On to departure!

It all fit!
She's so LITTLE!
Well, here goes!
Heading to the Gate.
BYU Creamery a must stop before entering the MTC

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Jim and Lisa said...

I know she won't see this, but a prior experience comes to mind with picture #16: "I don't know HOW to flirt!" Just sayin'!