Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hello Family!!

Today has been crazy! We received our transfer calls this Saturday, Hna. Southworth and I will be together for another 1.5 months at least here in Rimgrove. We're excited. But, we moved into a different apartment a couple blocks away to live with a companionship of Samoan sisters. It was really crazy because there were actually 4 elders living there just last week and it was NASTY!! We were there cleaning for like 5 hours with the APs and it's still not really all that clean. Cockroaches all over! It's way better than it was though. We still have lots of cleaning to do at some point. The APs are moving into our pad so they helped us move our stuff into our new apartment and we helped them move into ours. It was a crazy crazy day. I'm glad it's almost over. 

This week was pretty slow, everything has been falling through, well actually that's what most of our 3 months together has been like! haha we're excited for a new transfer and new changes. Our area is getting split since we're all on bus/ bike/ foot now they had to divide our areas more, so we're taking half and the zone leaders are taking the other half of our area. We didn't know that until today so we actually picked up an investigator for them yesterday! Things are different so we're looking forward to what happens. One thing I love about missionary work is how it always changes and is always changing, we are changing, the people we work with are always changing, experiences change, everything is different every day, week and month. They all help us grow and change in so many ways. I am so grateful. 

We had a lesson the other day with one of our investigators. We've been struggling with getting her to commit to be baptized. Every visit we have, she has great experiences, but she never wants to get baptized, we've been trying to figure out what she needs. She says she knows it's true, but still doesn't want to get baptized. At the end, we had her pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet, it was cool. I could feel the Spirit super strong. It was weird I could feel the Spirit testifying to her. She knows that he was a prophet, and now I know even more that he was a prophet. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who helps us. We are never alone, life is not guesswork because we can always kneel down and ask Him, who knows every answer. I love it. 

The other day, we were out working and I had to go to the bathroom (typical), so we stopped in this Latino market. I got a kick out of the translation of this sign! As you can tell, english is not the first language here!

love you all, Hermana LaPierre

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