Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 9

Hello family!
This week has been good. Alex, Jovita's ex husband, got baptized in the english ward yesteray so that was exciting. I hope it was a good experience for Jovita and helps her on her way towards baptism. She says she doesn't want to be baptized, but we'll see about that ( I don't buy it). She's doing really well.
The most exciting thing that's happening right now is that we found out that they will be taking our cars away next week (beginning of the next transfer). We'll be going aound on bike, bus, and feet. To try it out, we decided to try a no car pday today- it took us 45 minutes to walk to the closest library...this is going to change things alot for us. We'll see how it goes. We have a sisters meeting in arcadia on wednesday and they asked a couple of us to do it by bus to see if we can do it. we're excited but nervous too about how different it'll be. we'll let you know how it goes next week. that's the most exciting news.
We've been working in an area in La Puente that is purely Latino. It has been great! It's like a little mini Mexico. I feel like I'm in heaven! We've picked up 6 new investigators this week- all from that neighborhood. We're still struggling on keeping our investigators to stick- they are very rarely there for the second lesson, so we're working alot on how we do how to begin teaching. We've been making that the center of our roleplays, etc. We had an idea last night to try going over to potentials' houses when a day or 2 before our scheduled appointment, to confirm it, but also give them something simple to read (a page from a folleto, etc.) in preparation. We're looking for ways to sift the wheat from the tares. We'll see how that goes.
have a great day! love you all
Hermana LaPierre

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