Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hello familia,
How is everyone doing?! This week has been crazy! We moved apartment, we got our car taken away, and our area got split so that the zone leaders could come into our ward (which means we lost alot of our work!). It has been a really funny week with so many changes. Well, let me just demonstrate:
day 1 (monday): cleaning the apartment with the Spanish APs for like 5 hours, I think I inhaled a way too much lysol that day. we then had to go do e-mail and never went grocery shopping this week because it was so crazy.
day 2 (tuesday): meeting with the zone leaders to explain the things that have been going on in the area that they'll be taking over. also our first day on the bus, we had no idea what we were doing!
day 3 (wednesday): we had planned to stay inside for a while after our studies to take some time to reorganize ourselves and our new area. Well, we stayed in, but because the toilet overflooded!! that was fun ;) I wish I could show you the pictures!
day 4 (thursday): we had district meeting but we had to go pick up something from the APs first so we went over there, got back to our pad and I realized that I had lost it, we had to go back look around by their pad, only to realize I had it with me the whole time!
day 5 (friday): weekly planning, at night, we had been waiting for the bus for like 45 minutes last bus that would take us home on time, and we watch it drive right past us! hahaha, well, luckily there's a member family that lives close by that were able to give us a ride to our pad!
day 6 (saturday): that was a good day. we got to go to Hacienda and met some good people.
day 7 (sunday): CHURCH! I love church.
it was a fun week! haha. glad it's pday and can't wait til next week!

love you!

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