Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 28

Hello family,
This week has been super crazy. There's alot going on here in Pomona. Most Sundays are kind of crazy just because you're trying to get investigators at church, and then you try to set up a million things while you're at church since all of the members are there. Well, this Sunday was probably the craziest I've had so far. We have an investigator, named Maria who has a baptismal date in a couple weeks, so it was super important that she was at church this week. Well, we called her Saturday night to confirm her ride and she said everything was ok but turns out her ride was out of town. Well, long story short, about 5 minutes before sacrament meeting starts we're still calling to find her a ride to get her to church. (I swear people see our number and just ignore the call!) Finally, we found one for her! While we're waiting for her to get there, we're also waiting for another investigator who told us he would be bringing 3 of our other investigators that live close by. 15 minutes into sacrament meeting and they still aren't there. they live closeby so we decided to drive over and see what happened. we get to his gate and see this pug hanging out by the door. pugs are supposedly pretty nice, so I open the gate and start walking up the door. Well....pugs are NOT nice! about half way up the door that dog came charging at me and was literally about to bite me! we turn around and Hermana Quezada is yelling at Hermana Crawley to open the gate. Hermana Crawley can't open the gate. and the dog is literally lunging at us trying to bite us. Finally the gate opens and we shut the door in his face. I will not own a dog after my mission. We stopped by our investigators that live next door and they have visitors so they can't come to church.
We get back to church about 30 minutes after sacrament meeting started and there is Maria sitting in the pew with the members! I was so happy. Anyways, the rest of church was crazy too, we taught primary, which was fun but looots of energy, and then everyone wanted to talk to us and set things up. AH!! It was really great. I was especially super happy to see Maria there. We've been working on getting her there for a long time. She loves it there and so do her kids. Her daughter was singing along in primary more than half the kids there! She totally acts like she's already a member. It's so awesome. I'm excited for her baptism.
It's been a great week, we've been finding lots of people and seen lots of miracles. It's been amazing. I love it.
Have a wonderful week! sorry this letter is a little scattered.
Love, Laree
Hermana LaPierre

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