Thursday, May 23, 2013

Missionary Writings

HOLA familia!!

Como estan? This week has been great! My new companions are awesome, they have tons of life and energy and they want to be here!! Which I love, we're going to be doing tons of work here this month. We're also going to have a baptism this month. Just wait. new companions. Hermana Quezada is from Springville UT. She's super cute, half Mexican....I'm jealous. Doesn't speak spanish though, but she's really driven to learn it, so that's been really good. She's got a ton of energy, which is really good. Hermana Crawley is so cute. She's probably the sweetest girl I've ever met. She's too nice. She's waiting for her visa to go to Buenos Aires Norte! She's so full of faith and tons of love, so she's awesome. She had to go home after the MTC for a medical issue and so while she was home, somehow she found my mission blog. It was kind of weird to have her know so much about my mission. She was asking me about my investigators by name and then would ask me about funny experiences she had read about. She's so sweet.
Training 2 hermanas at the same time has been a different experience. It's fun though. They're pretty easy to train so far, so I can't really complain. It's just a different way of doing things and working with them, but I'm learning as I go and the Spirit is helping me out. I'm pretty confident that things will be really good this month.
We had dinner with a member this week and when we got there, she told us she had a surprise for us. I was so convinced that it was that she was dating someone in the ward or that she was engaged or something like that. the whole time I was totally expecting something like that. After dinner, she went and grabbed something.You could tell she was so excited to show us. She came back and handed us her temple recommend! You could tell she was so proud. She was so excited. As she showed us she got so emotional and her eyes were so full of tears and all she could say was "I'm so happy". I will never forget her face, how excited she was, smiling and crying, after having been through so so much for so long to finally have a temple recommend. That was such a powerful experience for me to see how much it meant to her to have a recommend. It made me realize how much it really means, how important it really is. She said she just felt so different already and she hadn't even gone through yet! THIS is why I am here!! I'm here to help people get there! I love her so much. I will never not be worthy to be there. After what it takes so many people to get there, seeing how much they treasure it, how can you not do everything you can to make sure you always have a recommend? I will never forget that.
This week has been great. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!
I love you all. Hope everything is good.

Hermana LaPierre

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