Monday, May 13, 2013

May 6 Letter

Hello Family!!

How are you all doing? 
We still aren't sure about skyping/ calling this Sunday. I'm not sure who in the ward has a skype for us to use, so we'll have to find someone first. I may just be calling. Either way, I'll probably call or have my companion call first so you'll know. 

Things are going great this week. We contacted a homeless man that was a referral. He's super interesting. From New York. He has a million stories. He was married to an LDS woman once so he's fairly familiar with the Church. 

We also had a really awesome day yesterday! We've been working with this family since we got to Pomona and after 2 weeks, things started to feel weird with them and they started missing appointments and it was just weird, We haven't had a full sit down lesson with them for a long time. Well, they (the woman and her boyfriend's daughters) came yesterday to church!!! It was so great! We got to talk to her during the second hour (we grabbed her before she went to sunday school and talked to her in the empty chapel). Her son is a member and just got sealed to his wife in LA on Saturday. She got to go and wait in the visitors center while they got sealed and it sounds like it was amazing for her! We got to talk to her about how someday after she gets baptized, she'll be able to go in there. She's so excited. She really wants to get baptized. I'm so excited for her and so glad things are back on track with her. 

Something I've learned about faith this week is how faith is really trusting in who Heavenly Father is. We learn about His attributes by reading the scriptures and reading about how He works with His children. When we learn who He is then we can trust that He will help us. He is constant, He does the same yesterday today and forever. If that's true, then we know that He will give us answers to our prayers. He's done that countless times in the scriptures and in the past, so why can't He do it today?!  He's performed hundreds of miracles, so why not now? He loves each of us like we were His only child. He wants the very best for us. If we really believe and trust that, how can we doubt that He'll answer our pleas and perform miracles today? He wants us to succeed. He wants to see us back. We just have to show Him that we trust that, by doing our part by moving forward with complete confidence and not looking back.

I can't wait for the day when I get to see Him again. I want to do everything I can here. I want to be able to tell Him that I did everything I could. I can't wait to kneel before Him and tell Him that I tried as hard as I could. I hope that when that day comes, He'll stand with His arms out and say "Thank-you for trying". 

I know that my Redeemer lives. He lives! 

I love you, 

Hermana LaPierre

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